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Paternity test - What does the procedure look like?

Step 1: Order Release

You have decided to carry out a paternity test. The first step is to place an order via our order form.

Important note: If you prefer to have the samples taken in your immediate vicinity (e.g. by your family doctor), we ask you to provide the complete details of your doctor on the order form. Microsynth will then take care of shipping the sampling set while you contact your doctor to arrange an appointment.

Step 2: Sampling

Each person to be examined needs two saliva samples (cheek swabs, completely painless!). Depending on your choice, the samples are taken either by a doctor in your immediate vicinity or by Microsynth AG. Microsynth provides the necessary sampling set (swabs, information material and forms).

Important note: All persons to be examined must present an official identification document when taking the sample (exception: infants and small children without identification document). The law also stipulates that a photograph must be taken of all persons to be examined at the time of sampling. The photos must be signed by the respective persons or their legal representatives. In the case of a paternity test, children must be represented by their mother.

Step 3: Analysis

In our modern laboratories, tiny amounts of DNA are first isolated. Subsequently, 15 defined STRs are amplified on the DNA using an enzymatic reaction (PCR method) and their size patterns are examined using fragment length analysis.

Important note: Normally we only need about 1 week to perform a paternity test. In the case of private orders, an invoice will be issued to the client upon receipt of the sample. After receipt of payment we will send you the expert opinion with the analysis results. In the case of an order ordered by an authority, we will send the invoice together with the expert opinion.

Step 4: Evaluation/Appraisal

The analysis results of a person are summarized (= DNA profile). The comparison of the DNA profiles of the suspected father, the child and the mother provides information as to whether the man tested is a suitable father or not. If paternity is proven, a so-called paternity probability is calculated. Microsynth AG evaluates and prepares the expert opinion. The expert opinion including all analysis results is sent to the parties involved confidentially and discreetly by mail.