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Legal Basis

The clarification of family relationships is governed by the Federal Act on Genetic Testing of Human Beings (GUMG) and the Ordinance on the Compilation of DNA Profiles in Civil and Administrative Matters (VDZV).

Written Consent

(Federal Act on Genetic Testing of Human Beings, Art. 34, para. 1)
DNA profiles may be drawn up outside official proceedings to clarify the ancestry, provided that the persons concerned agree in writing; an underage child whose ancestry is to be clarified by a particular person cannot be represented by that person.
Consent may be withdrawn at any time (Federal Act on Genetic Testing of Human Beings, Art. 5, para. 3).

Secret Paternity Test

(Federal Act on Genetic Testing of Human Beings, Art. 36 Genetic testing without consent)
Any person who intentionally initiates or carries out a genetic examination without the consent of the person concerned as required by this Act shall be punished by imprisonment or a fine.
It is important to protect your personality from unauthorised research into your genetic material. According to Art. 28 of the Civil Code, a violation of personality is unlawful if it is not justified by the consent of the injured party (in the case of persons incapable of giving judgement, the consent of their legal representatives).

Discretion, Data Security

The protection of your personal data is a matter of course for us. We are subject to professional secrecy in accordance with Art. 321 of the Swiss Civil Code and treat your data in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act (exclusion of data transfer to third parties). All parties involved will be informed in writing of the results of the analysis. Data will only be passed on to third parties with the consent of the parties.